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Masks that MOVE from the HEAT of your BREATH!


1. Okay, what's the trick? Video effects? Black magic?

The video does not use any special effects. Your warm breath fades the ink to transparent; cool air darkens it producing a moving effect. What you see is what you'll get: A little practice goes a long way...

2. Why would I wear this?

For Halloween, costume parties, cosplay, comic book conventions, movie roles, fantasy play or for fighting crime (no really, don't). People don't always need a reason is what we've found. Some people just like to wear creepy, scary, cool costumes and masks. We don't judge.

3. Is the ink potentially toxic?

Absolutely not. The ink I use is specially formulated, 100% water-based ink designed for fabric.

4. Where are the eye holes? Any breathability concerns?

The fabric has been selected after several rounds of trial and error to provide adequate visibility while still concealing your facial features (eyes, nose, hair). There is no need for eyeholes as the fabric stretches and the weave allows the wearer to see comfortably through the mask. As for breathing, no concerns either. Although, practicing how to maneuver your breath in different directions will only help the effect. Example: blowing warm air upwards towards your nose will trigger the morph higher in the midface.

5. How will I know if it will fit me?

The mask is a custom stretch spandex-blend hood machine-seamed to fit most heads. For measurement's sake, around the forehead is 22" to 24" inches. But using 4-way stretch fabric allows the mask to fit most people comfortably. It has been sewn to provide a snug fit, yet still be durable for stretching.

6. Will my mask be unique or mass-produced?

Each is hand-dyed with splotchy, jagged-edge inkblots so slight differences may occur. There is an art to get the moving simulation effect, and ink dispersion and fading is key. The crisp lines indicative of silk-screening, although an easier printing method, just look too clean, mass-produced and flat-out generic.

7. I've seen others make some but they don't look as good. Why?

I'm not sure. But I am a professional graphic artist who knows the subtleties of ink gradients and their factor in making the ink transition appear effective and realistic. Also, I was the original seller of these masks on Ebay more than 3 years ago. I've not only designed, but perfected the technique.

8. Any tips or techniques?

The effect is most apparent in temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, as you need warm/cool air to activate the shift. I've seen some people carry around a damp sponge or napkin and subtly wipe their mask to keep it moist - it reacts to subtle breaths better in that state. Also, if you own two or more masks, you can secretly slip off and switch faces and keep the effect "new" for the people around you.

9. How do you recommend cleaning the mask? Is it water-proof?

I heat-set the ink, so the effect is permanent and moisture-proof. However because the fabric is a fine (and expensive) spandex blend, machine washing/drying is not recommended. Just use a damp sponge to dab the spots you wish to clean.

10. I want one. But what if I decide to return it?

For hygiene's sake returns are not accepted. But refunds are given as needed. Please contact me within 10 days of delivery to request a refund. I always work my hardest to make sure you are satisfied with the product, including replacement if it's not up to your satisfaction upon arrival.