The inkblots are made using nontoxic, 100% safe ink that reacts to your breath. So you control the effect! It animates the inkblot amazingly as seen in these customer videos.


Fear not, you won't be getting a big random blob in the center of the mask like you might see in others' attempts. I make 5 versions — for those who might prefer a different mask design.


  • "This mask is the coolest piece in my possession and that's coming from a 501st member with a full screen-accurate 501st Clonetrooper costume."
    — Eirik S.

  • "I just want to say I really enjoy your product and again thanks for being so timely with the shipping. 10/10 on customer service."
    — Theron T.

  • "I used it in a masquerade party and it turned out that I won first place best costume! It's been a pleasure doing business with you."
    — Stafford M.

  • "It arrived today and looks great. Thanks to you I got it in time for a birthday present for someone and I just know they're gonna love it!"
    — Jem M.

  • "I would just like to say thanks for putting time and effort into my Rorschach mask. Everything about the mask is perfect!"
    — Gary Z.

  • "They fit well, visibility is far greater than I expected, and, well, they just look stunning. So, a fantastic product for a great price!"
    — Jens J.

  • "The product came very fast and it is beyond my expectations! I will definitely be recommending you to my friends and anyone else!"
    — Carl H.

  • "This has to be one of the coolest things I've ever had. I can not wait to show it off come Halloween!"
    — Jordan W.

  • "I would just like to say thank you so much for creating this awesome product! It functions perfectly and does exactly what I would expect it to do."
    — Mario T.

  • "The mask looks phenomenal, feels like a second skin, and does exactly what was promised."
    — Luke C.

  • "I really enjoy your product and it's not everyday I get to thank the person that made the product."
    — Jackson E.

  • "I purchased one of your Rorschach masks and I absolutely Love it!!!!!! I am a huge fan and I just think it is the coolest thing ever!!!"
    — Johnny M.

  • "I just want to say a huge thanks for such a brilliant mask, perfectly made! This will be traveling with me to many festivals, clubs and house parties!!"
    — Louis B.

  • "I go to a lot of raves and this mask will be on for all of my shows. I cannot wait to see everyone's reaction when the mask changes while I orbit."
    — Ferostrike

  • "To my surprise it came in the mail early! Tried it out, perfect! Showed my friends, think its amazing! Perfect reaction! Great work and keep it up!"
    — Brayden D.

  • "I was at Karneval and all the people freaked out when they saw my mask. Quote 'the best costume I've ever seen.' I've actually felt epic."
    — Awesome1601

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